Benefits Of Having Your Stagehands Travel With Your Show

While there are some stage shows that occur just once, others take place repeatedly. This doesn't necessarily mean that the show takes place at the same venue night after night. Some stage shows travel — perhaps spending a day or two in one city, and then visiting another city elsewhere in the state to entertain another audience. If you oversee a traveling stage show, there are many logistics that you'll need to think about. One decision to make is whether you'll hire stagehands in each city or work with a stagehand staffing provider that can provide stagehands who will travel with you. Here are some reasons that having your stagehands travel is a good decision.

Familiarity With Tasks

While any reputable stagehand staffing provider will give you stagehands who have experience performing the types of tasks that you need done, you'll need to go over the assignments at the start of each day. If your traveling stage show will be playing multiple venues throughout its run, you'd have to have this conversation multiple times if you were to hire stagehands in each city. Conversely, when your stagehands travel with you, you simply explain what you want done in advance of the first show, and they'll remain familiar with the list of tasks through the show's entire run.

Less Time Finding Providers

It takes time to look for a stagehand staffing provider. There might be multiple agencies to consider, and you'll want to take steps to ensure that you're choosing the right one for your needs. This process could include reading online reviews, talking to past clients, and meeting with the agency to discuss your production. The idea of repeating this process in each city that you'll be visiting could seem daunting. When you arrange to have your stagehands travel alongside of your show, you'll need to find just one agency at the start of the show's run.

A United Feel

Your performers and support staff will ideally begin to feel united early in the traveling stage show's run. Working together and spending downtime together can create a united feel that is pleasant for everyone. When you add your experienced stagehands to this group, they'll further bolster this united sentiment. As someone who is overseeing the show, you'll appreciate that your entire group has a united feel. This can be better than new stagehands joining the group in each city that you visit, as they may not provide the same type of feel.