Keys To Producing Professional-Caliber Testimonial Videos For Your Business

A lot of companies include customer testimonials on their websites as a way to bolster their reputations. Written testimonials are especially common, but they can often lack impact — for example, someone may doubt that a written testimonial is legitimate. One way that you can add authenticity to your testimonials section is to use video testimonials. Someone who is browsing your website may stop to view these clips and get a better sense of legitimacy from seeing the customers instead of simply reading their words. For professional-caliber testimonial videos, you'll want to hire a video production service. Here are some keys to effective videos of this type.

Different Demographics

While you'll want to consider the general demographics of your customer base, one way to make your testimonial videos have a wide appeal is to use all sorts of people. For example, if you only have middle-aged white males serving in this role, women and people of color may not feel as though your company is the best choice for them. It's ideal to choose people of different genders and ethnicities when you're choosing subjects that your video production company will record for you.

Relevant Backgrounds

While your local video production service likely has a studio that it can use to shoot your testimonial videos, it's ideal to get people with backgrounds that are relevant to your business. For example, if you sell landscaping supplies, consider having some of your testimonial subjects speaking in a backyard garden area. If you sell sporting goods, arranging to shoot some of the testimonial videos at a local sports facility will be effective. Don't shy away from having people in a variety of backgrounds. Doing so will add a high degree of professionalism to your videos.

Different Angles

Your video production service may advocate shooting your subjects at a few different angles. For example, instead of having each person shot from the shoulders up, resulting in a bit of a stale finished product, you might choose to have some people shot from the left, others from the right, and from various distances. This approach can add more visual interest to your testimonial videos, thus giving them a professional appearance. Your video production professional may even advocate the use of props in some of the clips. For example, a person in his or her garden could be leaning on a rake while sharing the testimonial about your company.

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